Tuesday, January 24, 2012

G I V E A W A Y ! G I V E A W AY ! G I V E A W A Y ! G I V E A W A Y ! G I V E A W A Y !

For the first time ever here on Victorian Swag I am hosting a G I V E A W A Y! I'm so excited because today (Wednesday) marks 3 weeks until V A L E N T I N E S Day! So to the
G O O D S T U F F!  Win a pair of these lovelies (above) by simply following this blog,
V I C T O R I A N S W  A G,  (click F O L L O W in top left corner of page) and then S H A R E in a comment below how you met your S W E E T H E A R T  and why you L O V E them! What can I say I am a complete R O M A N T I C at H E A R T! One week from Valentines (the 7th for those of you who are mathematically challenged like myself) I will pick a name at random and will announce it here! Can't wait to hear all your winning stories! G O O D L U C K!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome 2012!

So I realize I am a little late in welcoming the new year this year (Kids caught a virus and so did my computer!) But better late than never right?! With the New Year of course it's always a reminder of the year that waits ahead and the one that has already passed.
A lot has changed in the past year for me and for my family. My husband graduated school, we moved from the arctic tundra that is Rexburg, Idaho to warm and sunny Chandler, AZ. My husband started his career in the construction industry and I started Victorian Swag.
We can't help but feel incredibly blessed for all that we've been given this year and look forward to and make plans for the one ahead. This year our family started a new tradition. A half hour before midnight we share with oneanother the goals we made the previous year and our ups and downs then we write new ones and after the stroke of midnight (and all the kissing) we share our goals for that year ahead while drinking sparkling cider.
And so Here are my goals for the year 2012:
1. Run a half marathon
2. Have my jewelry in at least three boutiques
3. Have my youngest potty trained (fingers crossed)