Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Decorating for Christmas!

I'm always the worst at decorating for Christmas! As a mother of two small children and a small business owner I find that I don't decorate or bake (if at all) until the week before Christmas! This year I'm trying to do things a little at a time and I'm trying to do more handcrafted ornaments and such! Here's some ideas I've come across on pinterest my new favorite website!
Photo from PapernStitich
It took me awhile to actually find the tutorial on this, but here it is from The Purl Bee.  I don't know that I'll actually have time to make this one but I LOVE it! Maybe next year!
 I love this idea for wrapping gifts from AlloraHandmade! A great way to re-purpose newspaper and save money! The tags are super cute too!

Robbie and Erin
 Speaking of inexpensive wrapping and gift tags! I think it might even be cute to combine these two!

I never know what to do with Christmas Cards! I just think this is so great!

Well I hope everyone has a  great week and gets a head start on the holidays!


  1. Whimsical and creative decorating ideas!!! I love the paper doilies!

  2. nice stuff! I like that's it not so traditional.

  3. uniquecozytreasures - Great ideas!

  4. Love all the ideas! I usually wait until the week before too. Since I can't get up on a ladder any more, my daughter comes to help me and we have a great time.

  5. making gifts can stir up one's imagination! Isn't that great!:D I like to do things last moment also- and I wouldn't trade that feeling for the safe feeling of being prepared before the time comes!